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Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8-4
Saturdays 9-12

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8-4
Saturdays 9-12

Medical/Dental Supplies & Products

Schein Alginate Impression Material Fast Set 1Lb. Also available in Regular Set 1lb

Benzo-Jel Topical Anesthetic Cherry 1oz/Jr

Bibs Proback®-19x13in/48x33cm. Traditional Crosstex fold with horizontal embossing. Available in blue and green.

Double rolled lip for easy separation. Unique embossing for greater strength and easy dispensing. Double coated for lustrous, high gloss finish.

Cotton Rolls
Non-sterile. Quality cotton roll made from 100% cotton. Soft, pliable, with minimal lint. Highly absorbent, maintains shape when wet.

Gauze Squares 2×2 Cotton Filled
Cotton Filled (Exodontia) Sponges. Made from USP cotton gauze – pure, virgin white cotton with 100% cotton-fiber filling. Highly absorbent.

Extra Large Polycoated Headrest Covers
Measures 10″x13″/25x33cm. Manufactured from soft facial tissue combined with poly. Provides a strong, absorbent fluid resistant barrier.

Dental Needles
Standard Needles 27Ga Long Plastic Hub 100/Bx Standard Needles 27Ga Short Plastic Hub 100/Bx

Surgical Masks
Surgical Molded – Splash repellant barrier with flared edge for added comfort with soft, flexible nosepiece.

Surgical Masks
Procedural Earloop – Fluid resistant outer layer with white fluid resistant inner layer.

Surgical Masks
Surgical Tie-On – Fluid resistant outer layer with white fluid resistant inner layer. Extra large panel for surgical procedures with extra long laces for a secure fit when tied.

Or-Evac Evacuation Cleaner 32oz/Bt

Disposable Prophy Angle Firm White 100/Bx

Uni-Pro Prophy Paste Medium Mint 12oz/Ea

Sanitex Plus®
EPA Reg. intermediate level disinfectant: Tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal. Kills TB in 6 minutes.

Tray Covers

Conair Interplak Water Jet
Flushes out food debris from hard-to-reach places; helps prevent plaque Ideal for cleaning around crowns, bridgework, and orthodontic braces 7 different pressure settings; use with water, mouthwash, or dental rinse Easy-to-clean, 10-ounce tank; convenient 3-foot hose; 5 interchangeable jet tips Easy-fill translucent tank holds water, dental rinse or mouthwash

L to R:
Gauze, Disposable Gloves, Catheters, Urine Bags, Bandages, Athletic Tape
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile gauze pre-packaged in various sizes
  • Gauze and Elastic bandages in various widths
  • Disposable gloves: Non-Sterile; Powdered and Powder-free; small, medium and large
  • Face masks
  • Sterilization supplies
  • Exam Table paper rolls
  • Ultrasound gel and film
  • Foley catheters 12Fr to 22Fr; 2 way or 3 way, silicone coated latex
  • Examination Room Equipment: Lights, Tables, ECG Machines, Suction Machines, IV Poles, Dressing Trolleys, Screens
  • Incontinence Care

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